OK, now you read the backstory and you are interested?

Great – let’s go back a moment and besides all the fetish and role-play fun parts of the event, we want to explain to you what the idea behind InterrGAYtion is. We will take it out of the “scene” for that.

InterroGAYtion is a private member event for self-identifying male humans. It is inspired by the fabulous American HorseMarketsf.com run by Matt Black  which is based on the famous German Fickstutenmarkt. HM’s very own StableWrangler will be “The Judge” for InterroGAYtion.

InterroGAYtion will not replace HM, it will add to it. Integrating a kinkier site will be an even more complex production to make sure we uphold the high quality and safety levels that the Team has. Our Goal – besides fun for and with all our attendees – is to have a body, age, and race-positive event where our attendees feel safe and welcome and even get introduced to some new kinks.

InterroGAYtion will include kinkier practices BUT rest assured that you are NOT forced to those practices if you do not want to. You can always be just a “regular Inmate” without the kinks! Also when you are in the kinkier areas you can always raise your arm to be transferred back into the regular crowd.

These Kink “themed” Cellblocks will rotate between Events and are always announced in advance – so one time it will feature FF, some in the Future might feature WS, Flogging or other Kinks – and if you have ideas please feel free to share them!

No preselection in ANY WAY – beforehand or at the door – will be made ever.

We only check if the guest is old enough (legal age depending on Venue and State), and not drunk or under the influence of drugs. Those are the only reasons for a Guest at the door to be refused. These reasons also will be a nonrefundable reason.

At InterroGAYtion the Inmates (bottom) offer themselves to the Guards (top) without ever seeing their faces. With buying a ticket and entering the Jailhouse full consent to sexual interchange in a safe environment is given. The Guards agree to follow the rules and judgment of the team.

And just like with the already named events, we have strict rules and laws that need to be followed. (see Rules page) 

Before the Event: In the process of registering and buying a ticket the Guest has to choose to participate as an Inmate (bottom) or as a Guard (top) and there are no changes possible at the Jailhouse. 

 On the day of the event: the Inmates arrive and run through an intake process and have their first InterroGAYtion from the Marshal to see if they are willing and fit to be sentenced to different CellBlocks inside the Jailhouse then they undress either to underwear or naked. 

They will also given a choice between a white Hood (Safer Sex where the Guards are only allowed to have interaction wearing a condom) or a black hood (everything goes). Part of the intake is the booking picture which will show their best parts (without face) for future processing (Inmates Good Behavior Award). Then they will have time to get familiar with the CellBlocks and with other Inmates. This mingling will also ease the first anxieties. 

Before the Guards finally arrive, the inmates will get hooded. 

The Guards will show up for their orientation and will go through some last-minute reminders of the rules, and get a booking picture as well with their best parts. 

After most Guards are checked in and the inmates are blindfolded and ready, the guards enter and can fully inspect the inmates at their leisure.

When a Guard has decided on an Inmate, he can then mount or use him.

General Consent is given for sexual interaction, but before any contact, the Guard shall communicate with the Inmate in some way. An inmate for example is not to be forced for a blowjob. But most Inmates will gladly take care of the guards in that way as well. 

During the Event, the Judge and the Deputies (our Volunteers) are walking around and make sure that the Inmates are safe and when they raise their arms we will be there to help. If that is some drink/water, be moved to the break room or the toilet. The Guards are not allowed to transfer Inmates – this is only done by the Deputies. The same goes for the hoods, only the Deputies can remove or order to removal of the hood for the inmates. 

Fisting or other Kinks

At different times the Judge will sentence Inmates to be punished, or transferred to different CellBlocks for a deeper InterroGAYtion. Like a sentence, the duration of stay in the other cellblock is determined by the Judge, and the time is monitored.

After the InterroGAYTion is over or the sentence time has ended the Inmate will be transferred back into the general population CellBlock A.

In the beginning (aka the First event), we will start with one CellBlock A for the general population. And one CellBlock FF for Fisting.

Of course, no Inmate needs to agree to be in the Fisting CellBlock and can state so during intake. If an Inmate is willing to be sentenced into the CellBlock for Fisting we will specially mark him. Our Marshal is an experienced Dungeon Monitor specializing in Fisting. And will make sure the Inmates are safe and enjoy the InterroGAYtion

For future Events, we are already working and planning to add interchangeable Kinks we will address.  ? If you have any suggestions please let us know!

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