The Vibe (Music & Sound)

A hard beat, a touch, a sound, a breath, the smell.  Enjoying yourself is more than just good human interaction. Music plays a big role, in the rhythm, literally setting the tone of the night. We know that and it is the reason we have not just one but a sexy DJ Couple for you. DJ Meaty Panda & Fable creating a MegaMix Music set exclusively for each event.

When DJ Meaty Panda & Fable not turning in LA then they might work on a new set for us.

After each event, we will have the full event’s megamix on here for you to enjoy. 

InterroGAYtion #1: here is our full mix of the night for you to recap and enjoy! Mixed by our Resident DJ’s Meaty Panda & Fable: 

BTW here is a song that since 2009 has been in our ears and finally led to the Event concept today we are calling “InterroGAYtion”.  

“Prisoner of Love (feat. Siam & Dave)”  by Bob and Tom (LLC) © 2024