When you buy a Ticket to InterroGAYtion you agree with the following rules:
To ensure everyone can fully cherish the unusual atmosphere of this event, here’s a set of guidelines for the occasion that the Judges asked us to share with you.
These rules are outlined below and must be adhered to without exceptions.

To maintain the excellence and lawfulness of our event and the welfare of all guests, we retain the authority to deny entry to individuals we consider unsuitable for this gathering or those significantly affected by alcohol or substances. The legal age will be carted by ID to attend. 

Again: We want to make sure everyone’s on the same page here at InterroGAYtion. Before you step onto the venue & scene, it’s essential that you’ve not just glanced at these rules but actually understand and digested them. And you’re cool with following every single one of them. Only if you agree to all of them we can let you in. If one of the rules makes you uncomfortable we understand that InterroGAYtion is not for everyone. So simply if that is the case please don’t join. If you already bought a ticket we will gladly refund this (* see refund terms).

Just a heads-up: if you happen to accidentally or deliberately break any of these rules, you might find yourself getting the boot from this shindig. Heck, it could even mean you won’t be welcome at future parties either. So, let’s all play nice and keep the good vibes rolling! Our Volunteers (Deputy, Warden) and The Judge have the right of admission/right of property and you are accepting and following their orders. 


Before we come to the rules, we have some important advice here:

  • InterroGAYtion is a fictitious scene in a prison setup and purely role-play and all guests give consent to sexual interaction with all attendees (Guards – Tops, Bottom – Inmates and Volunteers Deputies) as well as The Judge, our Host.
  • It’s essential to emphasize that all participants must engage in any activity with full and informed consent. So please read the rules and instructions very carefully. The consequences of rule violations should make it clear that consent and safety are our top priorities. Safety and consent should always be non-negotiable.

These are the roles:

  • Inmates (Bottom (white hood – Safer Sex, Black Hood – everything goes))
  • Guards (Tops)
  • Deputies (our trained Volunteers)
  • Marshall  (our trained Kink / Dungeon Monitor)
  • Warden (in Charge of the Volunteers) 2nd in Command
  • The Judge, is your Host, and 1st in Command

Rules and instructions

1) Role Selection:

Choose whether you want to participate as a Guard (Top) or an Inmate (Bottom) for the duration of the event.

Changing roles from Inmate to Guard or vice versa during the event is strictly prohibited.

There might be a twist called “Inmate uprising” or “Prison Riot” where we will allow a change of the roles in a coordinated manner

2) Arrival Time:

Guards should arrive at the event approximately 30 min before the Inmates. Refer to the Onboarding eMail for for detailed instructions, this email will be sent out a day before the event.

For both Roles it is important to check in at their appointed time – otherwise, the flow of the event might be disturbed

3) Inmate Hood Selection:

Upon entering the event, Inmates will be asked to select either a white or black hood (used as a blindfold).

A “White hood” signifies a preference for ONLY safer sex, while a “Black hood” indicates a willingness to engage in sexual riskier activities (all goes). 

When a “White Guard” wants to interact with an inmate with protection the inmate can not deny that. 

4) Safety and Protection:

Guards must be attentive when dealing with Inmates wearing white hoods, and it’s the Inmate’s decision whether protection is necessary. With verbal communication and consent a white hooded inmate can make a different decision. While the roles are not interchangeable – the hood color can be changed on the Inmates request to a Deputies (trained Volunteer)

Deputies (our trained Volunteer Attendants) will be present to monitor and assist, but it remains the Inmate’s responsibility to ensure proper precautions are taken.

5) Attire:

Inmates can disrobe completely or wear as much gear as they want and deposit their clothing at the designated clothes check area. The Coat Check is included in the price of the Ticket

Appropriate shoes are permitted (no Sandals, flip flops, Crocks, High Heels, or Barefoot are allowed in the Cellblocks), as well as any gear that does not interfere with the hood or access to the body. Please ask us for Fetish Masks like Pup Masks or other Gear that could interfere with the hood. We will try to find a way to incorporate that.

If you are not wearing appropriate shoes and do not have a pair for change with you, we will not grant you access, and there will be no ticket refund.

6) Blindfold Usage:

Inmates, once undressed, should find a spot inside Cellblock A (General Population) and await the arrival of the Guards.

Deputies will place cotton sacks over Inmates’ heads to maintain anonymity throughout the event before the Guards let them into the Cellblock. CAREFULLY if you have an allergy to Cotton please don’t join – since we can only provide those. Talk to us if you have an alternative that you can bring – we will check this beforehand!

The blindfold may only be removed when an Inmate is in the rest area or a closed bathroom. Any violation of this rule will lead to immediate expulsion, with no refund.

At no time the Inmate or a Guard is allowed to take off the hood. This is only to be done by the Deputies.

No Guard shall move an Inmate at all times!

Deputies (Volunteer) Assistance:

Throughout the event, Deputies will cater to Inmates’ needs, providing water, guidance, and transport to the break area, protection, lube, and moving between the Cellblock.

Inmates seeking assistance should raise their hand above their head, and an Attendant will promptly respond.

7) Guard Movement:

Guards are free to move around the prison and inside the Cellblocks (play area), allowing them to interact with Inmates, assess potential partners, or engage with a chosen Inmate.

It’s essential to respect an Inmate’s decision to refuse an interaction if they feel uncomfortable or need a break.

8) Interaction Guidelines:

Guards can engage with Inmates according to the color of the Inmate’s hood, but certain activities, such as water sports or extreme actions, are strictly prohibited. Hurting an Inmate or any guests is not part of this fantasy. During the InterroGAYtion Intake Processing Inmates will be evaluated for Special Cellblock, these Cellblocks will be announced during the ticket sale.  

9) Conclusion of the Event:

Inmates may only remove their blindfolds, get dressed, and leave after the last Guard has exited the prison.

If an Inmate wishes to leave the event earlier, an Attendant will guide them to the rest area for dressing, ensuring no visual contact with the Guards. An Inmate (or Guard) can leave at any time.

10) No Electronic Devices:

The use of phones or cameras is strictly prohibited within the prison or the cellblocks (play area). This is a no-photos and no-videos event if not noted otherwise.

During the Intake of the Inmates and onboarding of the Guards “booking photos” will be made. Inmates will be asked to show off their asses while Guard will be asked to show their best parts.

These pictures will not contain a face shot, and will not be published in any way – other than the following:

The purpose of the booking picture is to be voted “Good Behavior Incentives/GBI”. Only the winner of that Award will be published anonym with their booking picture on our website or social. Either Guard or Inmate can decline a picture taken and are therefore not eligible for a GBI award. On request a Guard can request his own picture and the Inmate will get the booking picture sent after the event has ended as a courtesy. 

11) Rule Violations:

Intentional or even unintentional violations of these rules will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the event, possibly affecting participation in future events.

12) Mutual Respect:

We emphasize mutual respect and fairness among all participants. Please be considerate of others and adhere to these rules.

By entering the premises, you are giving your consent to abide by these rules. If you cannot agree with them, please refrain from attending the event. This includes the special consent for having sex with multiple persons that you are not familiar with and includes the special practices inside different Cellblocks. 

12) Safety Enforcement:

Any violation of safety rules or harm will be pursued legally. Respect, consent, and safety are non-negotiable. Violators will be asked to leave immediately.

Enjoy Responsibly:

Let’s maintain a respectful and fair atmosphere among all participants. 

We hope everyone has an enjoyable and memorable evening, ensuring that all fetish desires and role-play dreams are fulfilled in a respectful and consensual manner. © 2024