You will be transferred into 2216

In the year 2216, the prison and judicial system had become a nightmarish dystopia, where 99.2% of inmates were unjustly incarcerated and innocent, and an alarming twist of injustice had unfolded – only men were subjected to imprisonment. This perverse system was the result of a twisted ideology that aimed to control and oppress an entire gender.

At its inception, the system had promised to be a beacon of justice, utilizing advanced technology to eliminate bias and corruption from the legal process. However, the reality was far darker. Wealthy and influential individuals, predominantly women, had seized control of the legal and political apparatus, using their power to shape the system to their advantage.

Under the guise of correcting historical gender imbalances, these powerful figures manipulated laws, policies, and public opinion to incarcerate men systematically. False accusations, fabricated evidence, and biased judgments became the norm, with men having little to no chance of proving their innocence. The courts, once symbols of fairness, had turned into instruments of oppression.
The reasons behind this shocking gender-based discrimination were complex. Some argued that it was a response to centuries of male dominance, while others believed it was a means to secure economic and political power. Whatever the motive, the result was a society in which men constantly feared arbitrary arrest and imprisonment.

Prisons had devolved into inhumane warehouses, where innocent men languished in overcrowded and filthy conditions. Rehabilitation had been abandoned entirely, replaced by a punitive approach that only deepened the despair and hopelessness of the inmates. The unjustly incarcerated were subjected to forced labor, further enriching the powerful elite who controlled the system.

The public was kept in the dark, fed a constant stream of propaganda that portrayed the imprisonment of men as a necessary step toward a more equitable society. Dissenters who dared to speak out were silenced or disappeared, their voices crushed beneath the weight of an authoritarian regime.

As a man, you better make sure you never get into Interrogation in the first place since you will end up in Jail. If you watch gay porn and your neighbor reports you. That would be enough to bring you into a cell. © 2024