Frequently asked questions

We gather together the most important topics about InterroGAYtion. As of now, we have some Kink FAQs, a section for our Inmates (Bottoms), and generally asked questions.

But if there are more questions- please do not hesitate to send us an email and we will integrate more of your questions – you can also join our Telegram Info Channel, simply click here.

Kink FAQ

InterroGAYtion is an adult fantasy role-play event where legal man-identifying humans give consent to have sex with others.  The Guards (Tops) can freely move between different CellBlocks (what we call the different rooms or sections we have)   in the beginning we will start with CellBlock A where we have just regular Sex interaction with blindfolded bottoms.

There is a CellBlock FF which is for Fisting. During the Intake interview, the Inmates (Bottoms) will be asked if they are willing to be moved into that room.  If so the Marshall (our Dungeon Monitor) will ask you some questions to make sure it is a good idea for you to move into CellBlock FF. He will mark you.

All Inmates start in CellBlock A and the Judge will ask the Volunteers to transfer Inmates over to the other Cellblock. Depending on how popular the fisting block is - the Inmates will have a restricted time and after that will be transferred back to the regular CellBlock A.

As much as we will try to have all Inmates as long in the CellBlock FF we can not guarantee a specific time. To be honest - we have to learn about it as we go 🙂


Only the announced CellBlocks are allowed - and no fisting is allowed in the CellBlock A AT ALL! We will guard this!

In the future, we might have special and different CellBlocks but we will announce that when it is time.

We need to make sure we can safeguard all ur guests, so please respect these rules - if you can not we need to ask you to leave so that we can do good on our promises to our guests!

The CellBlock FF is guarded by our Marshall,  Dungeon Monitor.

He will give the Tops some advice if they are inexperienced in Fisting as a Fister.

As a Fistee the Inmate will be evaluated for their experience level and the Marshall will make sure he stays safe. Deputies (Volunteers) will also stand by in CellBlock FF.

We want to give all interested in Fisting a glimpse of what it can be, but we will not allow Inmates that never had experienced fisting into the CellBlock FF. Be advised that they still will wear a hood - so even for experienced Fistees it might be a new experience.

The Marshall and the Judge will also limit the time for Inmates to be sentenced into the CellBlock FF to give all interested guests the chance to be punished.

General FAQ

For this Event you have to make a choice - either Top (Guard) or Bottom (Inmate)

Choose wisely as you CANNOT change once the party starts and there is no option for both.

With a lot of people, a venue can get very hot.

Also, the event should be as sexy as possible which is why I recommend ideally, wearing as little as possible for ease of access. For example,  Leather harnesses, Jockstraps, and or naked is strongly encouraged.

Shoes/boots are a must. No bare feet, socks, FlipFlop, Sandals, Crox, or high heels are allowed!

In the end, it is you that should feel good and sexy. So wear whatever you feel good. If you are in the Role of an Inmate make sure that you have not blocked the "important parts" with any gear!

Because of the nature of the event you have to show up on time.

If there are reasons on the day of the event that you are unsure if you can be on time please don't worry. Send me a DM or an email ) and let's chat about it,

No, we will provide Condoms for our white Guards (Tops) and Lube from our Lube Sponsor Lube!  Please keep in mind that the venue asked only to use Waterbased lube - so please do not bring your own SILICONE-based lube. The Lube provided will be waterbased (PigLoad Aqua CUMpanion Bottle).

InterroGAYtion is a Drug-free environment - we don't allow smoking or the use of any drug. Even Maximum Impact is not allowed in the Jailhouse.  We make an exception with "Room Fragrances", VHS Cleaners, and such. We also sell DoubleScorpio at the venue. As always use it responsibly and please try not to spill it.

Cameras, Telephone and Video Cams are not allowed inside the Cellblocks. (Exceptions are the Warden, the Medical Team and the Judge)

During Intake, we make "Booking Pictures" that either show the ass (Inmates) or the Frontside of the Guards (never a face).

These Pictures will not be shared and are only for voting during the event for the "Good Behavior Awards"

You do not have to get your photo taken but it would be nice. No faces will be visible and if you have distinctive markers let us know and we can take a picture without them visible.

If you get a picture taken and win the popular vote, you get a free ticket to a future event!

The only time we publish pictures is when the two winners of the popular vote, they will be on our Homepage. If you do not want that picture on there simply send me an email and we make sure it will not be published.

We call our Volunteers Deputy (of the law) and it is very rewarding to help with InterroGAYtion. During breaks, you can play the role you choose and with a full night of work, you even get a free ticket to a future event!

Nice, But how? 

When the Event opens its Registration for Mare or Sales for Guards, there is a third option to apply for a Volunteer Position. Be aware that we mostly select only people who choose to help with the full event.

Our event ends naturally - most likely when the last Guard (Top) has left the Cellblocks we will call it. Timewise we should look at a time between 10 and 11.

Inmate – Bottom FAQ

Be aware that this responsibility is split between The Deputies (Volunteers), and you. And you are in charge first!

We will not be able to watch you 100%, and all the time - so please when a Guard is going to enter - reach behind you and double-check if he is using a rubber. Just as you would do in any other situation.

We will be keeping an eye on you but we will have many Inmates (Bottom)  to look after and can't always be there to check that each Guard (Top)  is using a condom.

Again that is where you step in.  In our little speech when we reminded all guests about the rules we will tell guards to touch an Inmate to signal they are about to mount them and to NOT just walk up and shove it in.

It is up to you to reach back and feel for a condom during that time. We will have plenty of condoms all over.

And to make it clear: If a Guard is found to be fucking a white hooded Inmate without a condom they will be thrown out and banned from future attending.

All you need to do if you need anything is raise your arm into the air and we will be there to assist. It might take a short while but be assured we see you!
You can ask for Water - need to see the Restroom - want to have a break/finish the evening.
You can ask our Volunteers (Deputies) if you can be moved to a different spot.

InterroGAYtion welcomes all self-identifying men in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. We never do preselection for Guard (Tops) or Inmates (Bottom) ever. 
So every event is different with a different totally new mixed crowd.
Honestly, there is no way of knowing who would get to play and who would not. It is not possible to tell any guest who to play with.
In the beginning, as an inmate remember that it may take a few minutes for the event to get going as the Guards have to get in, get undressed, and make their way into the Cellblocks.

You can leave anytime. Just signal our Deputies (Volunteers) (Raising your arm in the air) and let them know you are ready to leave.

Yes, simple as that as an Inmate it's your choice!

Every Bottom is different - so it is hard to advise on that question.  One of my StableHands from wrote a great companion for what to expect and how to get prepared. Maybe you have a look at that

But keep in mind what we said at the beginning everybody is different so this can only be an idea, but it is a great read. Thank you ZERO! © 2024