Newsletter #2 May 2024

Welcome to The Bars and Stripes Gazettes #2

A personal note from the Warden.

Oh, what a weekend – what a night! After a successful and sold-out HorseMarket on Friday (still so many “no-Shows” – please be so fair and drop a line if you cannot make it to the Stable Master or me the Warden)

Then I took on my Warden Uniform for our first on Saturday.  Umphfff what a hot night it was!

I want to personally thank each guest – and I have done that most likely in person already.

This Edition of our Bars and Stripes Gazette will give you a short recap of the opening night of our correction facility in San Francisco,  it will help our guests to relive their memories (through music), show you the next event Date, and finally put the first winners on our Wall of Honor. Let’s jump right in!

§1 – Opening of the San Francisco Correction Facility 

It was planned as a smaller gathering to make sure all Inmates and Guards were settling in.

Our Guards punished the Inmates hard but fairly, and we are so happy that our Maintenance Crew got plenty of jobs to fix the pipes. 

It was a great scene and it gave us plenty of feedback we take learnings on how to run the facility even better in the future.  

We hope that there will be some stories from our guests that we will get to publish. On that, we will update you.


§2 – The next Event

The next InterroGAYtion is already on the Map – alongside a HorseMarket on Friday, we will have an InterroGAYtion on Saturday, followed by a HorseMarket Unbridelt on Sunday.

And sure we are talking about the famous DORE ALLEY or UP YOUR ALLEY weekend in July.

Make a note and get your tickets now for July 27th – the next InterroGAYtion.

Register for Dore Alley Saturday 07/27th

We will need a great team of Volunteers (we call them Deputies) and besides a lot of work in hot surrounding, helping our Guards and Inmates at night – you will be rewarded with breaks to jump into action, and a free ticket to a future event if you are going the whole nine miles (taking all shifts). Please apply here 

Register as Deputy / Volunteer 07/27th


Do not forget to get your Tickets/Registration for HorseMarket Tickets, you find more information here as well

HorseMarket during Dore Alley


§3 – Relive the moment and night

As a blindfolded Inmate, we have some good memories for you since besides the moaning of the other inmates you heard the beats exclusively mixed by our resident DJs Couple – Meaty Panda & Fable.

You have been fucked to that beat. You might have ridden the one or other guard to that sound. We have seen it all and we will not tell. 😈

And as a Guard, you might have used that sound to find your rhythm…

Recap the night with the original sound – the full megamix is now available for you to bring you back into the heat  –  DJ Meaty Panda & Fables megamix  is now available on our  Vibe & Music Page

§4 – We had an InterroGAYtion with the StableMaster from Horse Market

“What are the differences between HorseMarket and” is just one question we answered in our InterroGAYtion call with the StableMaster of HorseMarket.  Simply click over to the InterroGAYtion recording here. 


§5 – Wall of Fame

Of course, we will not forget the second-best part for two of our guests.

We put on the Wall of Fame:

Guard ID #158 and Inmate #204

as the winner of our Awards.

Voted by the Guards one Inmate wins the Good Behavior Award and voted by the Deputies one Guard will get the Guards’ Line of Duty Award. 


And that’s it already for Edition 2 of our Bars and Stripes Gazette.

Keep in mind there is our F&Q for a lot of questions that you have.  

At the bottom of this site, you also find the best way to connect to our Telegram Chattrom. Come join us there.


We cannot wait to check you into the Jailhouse. 


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